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Your i10 is all about style, from the 2-tone beige interiors to the exterior fascia with stylized headlamps and chrome accents, the irresistible i10 takes style to a whole new level.
More Features


Offering incredible performance with the 1.2L Kappa2 Engine with VTVT, the i10 gives you a clever mix of power and efficiency.
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With a never-before seen mileage of 20.36 kmpl, the i10 certainly offers you amazing fuel efficiency.
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With luxurious features such as Bluetooth connectivity and steering mounted audio controls, the i10 pampers you the way you truly deserve.
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Through its many features such as the reverse parking sensors, driver and passenger airbags as well as a gear shift indicator, the i10 makes both city and highway driving a breeze.
Terms and Conditions
  1. The Contest “WRITE YOUR i10 STORY” (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”) shall run between 22nd January 2013, 00:01am IST and 22nd February 2013, 11:59 pm IST  (hereinafter referred as "Contest Period").
  2. The Contest is organized by Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMI) and open to all Indian Citizens residing in India.
  3. Contestants who will participate in the Contest, shall fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
    1. an Individual;
    2. aged 18 years and above;
    3. legally eligible to enter into a contract;

    Here in after referred to as the “Participant”).  No purchase of the Product is necessary to participate in the Contest.

  4. During the Contest Period, the Participants shall script/share Hyundai i10 Story either in English or Hindi language only (hereinafter “Entry”) through any of the mediums mentioned in Sl. No. 6 below.
  5. Information as available on the Contest page on (hereinafter “Website”) is the only authentic and valid information about the Contest. HMI shall not be responsible for any incorrect / misleading information relating to the Contest, presented / displayed on any other source other than the Contest page on Website.  HMI will not be liable for any loss suffered by any Participant based on the representation, terms, conditions, information presented / displayed on any other source other than the Contest page. No correspondence, clarification, explanation regarding the Contest will be entertained by HMI.
  6. The Participant of the Contest shall send the Entry in any of the following three mediums viz.,
    1. By uploading in Hyundai i10 website -
    2. From the  mobile phones by calling on 9555931010
    3. send Entry by Post

    The above steps are specified below:

    a) If using Website:

    1. Visit the website -
    2. Fill in the information and enter only through the Contest page on Website.
    3. Uploading of story/ script can be done in one of the following formats – Text, Audio File, Video File
    4. Participant can also login using Facebook to fill in their information.

    b) If using Mobile Phone:

    1. Dial 9555931010, which will get auto-disconnected.
    2. Post this; the Participant would receive an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which he/she needs to answer in order to be a registered Participant in the system files of HMI. This call will be considered to have been made willfully by the user of the respective number and then the Participant would narrate their script/story on the call for a maximum duration of five (5) mins.
    3. The IVR call and further conversation will be considered as solicited response to the miss call. After submitting the script/ story, the participant will get a response SMS of successfully submitting the entry for the context. It shall not be considered as a spam/unsolicited call. Hyundai and its associated partners shall not be party to any issues arising out of any discontent of message comprehension.  

    c) If sending by Post:

    Participant shall send the Entry with Name, Contact Number, complete postal address and
    Email Id to:
    Post Box No.9739, New Friends Colony P.O., New Delhi – 110025.

  7. There would be 4 Lucky winners per week, selected at the end of every week of contest period. Their selection would be done from all the entries received within that week on a lucky draw basis, and HMI would not entertain any queries regarding the criteria of selection for these Lucky winners
  8. The selected winner will be given mp3 player as prize and winners would be declared during the Contest Period.
  9. In the event of unavailability of prize, prize of a similar value shall be offered to the winners for which he/she has been selected.
  10.  After the Contest Period, all the Entries received during the Contest Period will be evaluated by a panel appointed by HMI and the panel will select one Participant as “Grand Winner”. The Grand Winner will be selected on the best Script/Story basis.
  11. HMI’s Panel decision in the selection of Grand Winner will be final and binding on the Participant/s. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by HMI.
  12. The Participants can post as many entries as possible during the Contest Period on any of the mediums mentioned in Sl. No.6 above.
  13. A Participant taking part in the Contest from multiple IDs will be disqualified from participating in the Contest and winning Prize/s under the Contest.
  14. Corporate, Agencies, employees of HMI, its business associates and their immediate family members are not entitled to participate in this Contest.
  15. All expenses for accessing the various mediums mentioned in Sl. No.6 above to participate in the Contest shall be borne solely by the Participant and HMI would not be responsible for such costs and expenses.
  16. The Grand Winner of the Contest (as defined in Sr.No. 11 above) will be entitled to star in the next Hyundai i10 commercial with the Actor Mr Shah Rukh Khan. The date & place of Hyundai i10 commercial shooting will be decided by HMI.
  17. The Grand Winner shall be available to travel and stay in any location(s) for the duration decided by HMI and give support in shooting of commercial and other promotional content. HMI will bear all costs & expenses for the Grand Winner’s travel & stay.  Travel & stay expenses of any other persons accompanying the Grand Winner will be borne by the Grand Winner only. In case of any deviation from these necessary points, HMI reserves the rights to reject the Grand Winner and/or select any other Participant as Grand Winner in his/her place to support/star in Hyundai i10 commercial.
  18. Any winner of weekly Contest or Grand Winner of the Contest who fails to fulfill any of the conditions stipulated in the Terms and Conditions specified herein, shall be disqualified from receiving any Prize/star in the Hyundai i10 commercial under this Contest. Inability of the Participant to fulfill the eligibility criteria shall be construed as violating the terms and conditions of the Contest by such Participant. Any status update, comment, tweets made/submitted by such disqualified Participant shall be invalid. Any communication, clarification, query, dispute in this regard by the disqualified winner or Grand Winner or any of their legal heirs in any manner will not be entertained by HMI.
  19. HMI shall not be responsible for non-delivery or shortfall or defect or deficiency in prize/s and all the legal remedies in relation to the prize/s solely lie against manufacturer only.
  20. The Prize/s shall be subject to the laws of India, including all the tax laws. All applicable regulatory and statutory duties, cess, surcharges, taxes (including TDS), insurances, transfer fees, registration fees etc. that may be applicable to avail/use the Prize/s will be borne by the winner/s of the Contest.
  21. HMI’s panel has sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of Contest rules, including but not limited to selection of Grand Winner, disqualification of winners/Grand Winner and suspension of response(s) or Participants and the participant would be disqualified forthwith.
  22. The Entry to this Contest submitted by the Participants must be original, innovative and not copied or translated from any source and confirm to decency guidelines.  If any third party raises any claim for the plagiarism carried out by the Participant, HMI would not be liable for such claim or damages if any awarded and Participant shall indemnify HMI in this regard, as detailed in Sl. No.35 below. Any Entry deemed to contain content that depicts violence, immoral, unethical, illegal, anti-social, racial, political, anti-religious, and sexual or any other inflammatory, defamatory or objectionable material will be disqualified and removed from Contest data base.

             HMI reserves the right to initiate legal action against such Participants. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is at the sole discretion of HMI.

  23. The Participants shall not deface or disparage any brand of HMI in any manner in the process of creating and posting their response or in their story/script.
  24. The Participant cannot create similar Entry(s) as submitted for this Contest at any other blog/forum or any other site, or any other Contest of similar nature.
  25. HMI will have no liability, in case someone is not able to participate on account of his/her inability to access the contest links as provided in Sl.No.6 above.
  26. HMI will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, expenses whether expressed, implied, real, consequential incurred by the Participant due to participation in the Contest.
  27. The winners/Grand Winner will be intimated within 14 days of the selection, by way of email on the email id of the winner on the applicable platform/s. In the event of no response/acknowledgement from the concerned winners/Grand Winner to the email communication within 5 days, then his/her prize will be forfeited.
  28. The winners/Grand Winner should submit the  documentary proof  in support of the following   or any other proof requested by  HMI,  within  7 days of receiving intimation of being selected as winners/Grand Winner of the Contest by HMI, for enabling HMI to gratify the winners/Grand Winner:
    1. Age proof,
    2. Residence proof,
    3. Proof of identity.
    4. Copy of PAN Card
    5.  If participated through Website, screen shot of the ID/s from which he had participated in the Contest
  29. The prizes including support in Hyundai i10 commercial are non-endorsable, not transferable and non-substitutable. The prizes are offered on 'NO EXCHANGE NO REFUND' basis.
  30. Except to the entitlement to the above prize/s, the winners/Grand Winner and/or their legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against.
  31. HMI reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions or participation mechanics of the Contest at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation to the Participants. Intimation of any change, modification, addition, deletion in the Terms and Conditions of the Contest will be effected only by posting the revised terms and condition of the Contest on HMI portal and not in any other mode.
  32. Any disputes with respect to the Contest shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.
  33. The Entry(s) (including photographs, participants’ details etc) will become the exclusive property of HMI and the Participants assign to HMI the right to use/display the Entries, in any media for brand, products, business or any other objective by HMI, as deemed appropriate by HMI, without any restrictions to HMI. The participants shall have no rights whatsoever over them.
  34. The Participant shall indemnify HMI against any claims from any party and consequent losses, damages, compensation, whatsoever, that may arise from any use, including but not limited to, publication of Entry (s) submitted by the Participant as a part of, or in association with the Contest.
  35. HMI shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations caused by weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, terrorist attack, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, acts of God or any other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.
  36. HMI reserves the right to discontinue or cancel the Contest at any time without assigning any reason or without intimation and it shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if any incurred by the Participants.
  37. The aggregate liability of HMI, in case of any damage, loss, cost, claim, liability or expense (including legal costs and expenses) caused to or incurred by any act, omission or representation in respect of the Prize of this Contest to any winner shall not exceed the value of Prize intimated by HMI to the winner. In the event of cancellation of the commercial shoot, the Grand Winner will be compensated as per the discretion of HMI.
  38. HMI reserves the rights to appropriately rewrite, rescript, modify and customize the story/script to suit its marketing objectives.
  39. The Participants are not compelled in any way by HMI to participate in this Contest.  Any such participation is voluntary and the Contest is being made purely on a ‘best effort’ basis.
  40. All the entries sent by participants should be original and not copied from any other source or individual. Doing so will lead to an issue of plagiarism and the participant will be disqualified from the contest. If any third party raises any claim for the plagiarism carried out by the participant, HMI would not be liable for such damages and the participant would be disqualified forthwith. 
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Winners for mp3 player

Aseem Parikh

Hafiz PS

Arpit Singhal

Gurudas Dhimant

Deepak Chimurkar

Vaibhav Sharma

Himanshu Verma

Kush Srivastava

Sonal Aggarwal

Suhas Abrol

Kritika Deol

Abhay Raha

Ridhi Murari



Sumonto Guha

Ankit Garg

Kuldeep Padgaonkar

Rajesh Sinha

Poonam Dabas